User Activity Monitoring Data Loss Prevention.

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Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring, also known as user activity monitoring (UAM) is used to monitor employee computer activity to identify and stop insider threats.

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User Activity Monitoring

Most organizations have cybersecurity measures in place including antivirus, firewall, intrusion detection to protect infrastructure and IT assets.

Remote Employee Monitoring

Remote work in all sectors have been steadily rising over the years. According to a Gallup report, American employees working remotely rose to 43 percent in 2016 from 39 percent in 2012

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a strategy for ensuring your employees and vendors do not accidentally or intentionally share sensitive and company confidential data outside your organization.

Business Intelligence

A Business Intelligence Dashboard or BI Dashboard is a powerful reporting tool that simplifies visualization and analysis of complex data.

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Productivity Optimization

In today’s competitive marketplace, management teams are tasked with improving and optimizing employee productivity.

Third Party Vendor Management

Third party vendors, partners, consultants and outsourced contractors often have privileged access to a company’s internal systems through root or domain administration rights.

Children/kids/student monitoring

In today’s competitive marketplace, management teams are tasked withimproving and optimizing employee productivity.

Workforce Monitoring

Privileged users have access to your core IT systems, network, applications and data. Since such users have access to elevated credentials,

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