What is Employee Time Tracking & Monitoring Software?

Employee time tracking and monitoring software tracks employees’ activities and identifies the scope of growth and optimization. While tracking time, the timer works in the backend of the device and continuously tracks navigation through sites, applications, and time investment. The ultimate goal for an organization is to yield superior productivity from available resources. Thus, monitoring is critical. An employee monitoring software tracks time, tracks activities with screenshots and URL tracking, calculates activity percentage, and produces reports. Apart from employee monitoring’s core features, WorkStatus is designed to add more value to your organization. It streamlines your workflow with time tracking, employee monitoring, geofencing, online timesheets, productivity management.

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Modern problems need modern solutions. The all-new WorkStatus is power-packed with top-notch features to optimize the team’s productivity fully. This is the game changer and the most feature-packed time tracking software that you will ever witness. Built with the latest Laravel and Flutter for desktops and mobile apps, respectively, it is aimed at bridging every possible productivity tracking gaps that ever existed.

The Exclusive WorkStatus Features

Time Tracking

Time tracking

Track precisely calculated time spent on activities by you and your team members. Available as a desktop, web, or mobile app.

online time tracker

GPS tracking

GPS enabled tracking to precisely control productivity. View when your team is one the go or at the site with time tracking.

online timesheets

Online timesheets

Daily timesheets, even accessible to remote workers. No More Spreadsheets, Just WorkStatus

Summary Reports

We have detailed online reports for every activity with high and precise data for insights. Easy to access reports for your project and clients.

Productivity monitoring

Track URLs, App, Activity Percentage & more for employee productivity tracking and reporting. Real-time automated time tracking.

Team scheduling

Create and schedule tasks with hours for employees and track them for multiple users without the hassle of micro-management.

Online Invoicing

convert hours into bills and shoot them to clients directly.

Task Management

Manage tasks without having to access the Integrations page. Get a quick and easy overview of tasks assigned on projects.

Offline Tracking

No internet connection? Don’t worry. Our system will still track the time your employees worked. All hours followed offline will automatically sync.


Create job sites. Set digital perimeters. Automatically clock in and out.

Employee Monitoring for Every Organization

A majority of employee monitoring software are focused on tracking employees sitting in one place. Desktop, laptops, or mobile tracking are the critical consideration of companies that design employee tracking software. But, Workstatus is built with ten years of experience from the industry, keeping in mind its diverse needs. No matter the industry you’re in or how diversified your workflow is, Workforce is for everyone.
The most common features and methods used by Workstatus, the employee monitoring solutions, are:

GPS Time Tracking

Keep track of your team’s movement with a GPS time tracker.

Attendance Management

Schedule, notify, and stay updated on the team’s plans with automatic notifications.

Customizable Reports

Robust time reports for faster actions

Employee Reporting

Real-time track task progress with employee computer monitoring software

Employee Scheduling

Your best manager for employees shifts schedule management.

Field Staff Management

Field services tracking now made more comfortable with mobile trackers to track every movement precisely.

geofence time tracking


Auto-Create Geofences to Manage Mobile Teams

Selfie Verification

Only let your employees start time tracking post selfie verification.

Employee Monitoring Advantages You Cannot Miss

Increased Work Productivity

Are your employees 100% focused? Are they utilizing their entire work hours productively? How many hours are they spending on distractions? For an enterprise to grow and be successful in the desired path, implementing discipline is essential. On the other hand, a lack of productivity can be witnessed in employees due to the lack of understanding of what is expected from them. A good employee activity tracking and monitoring software can quickly fix communications, expectations, and visibility into tasks. However, you need to have good employee monitoring software in your system to help you track activities, curate data, and provide detailed metrics such as:

Enables Employees to Engage More

An organization is a healthier one when its employees engage more. Well-driven employees stimulate the progress of a company. It is seen that businesses that have engaged employees outperform others in productivity by 202%. It also impacts companies’ revenue growth by 2.5% and a reduction in employee turnover by 40%. There can be several reasons for this. Motivation, pressure, and miscommunication are the top three reasons you see a dip in an organization’s productivity. The most reliable approach you can take to eradicate every inefficiency in your organization through analytics.
An employee productivity tracking software will track the user activity in the backend and share metrics with you depending upon various factors such as time tracking, time spent on every website, the actual percentage of activity on every website. With WorkStatus, you can develop KPIs and metrics to track activities, identify gaps, develop action plans, and systematically address them.

Bridges Process Gaps

The management of employees in an organization includes gaps analysis and performance comparison between potential and actual performance. With actual software in place, management can track employees’ productivity by identifying skill gaps, ideas to improve processes by identifying job roles, overlap in duties, conflicting accountabilities, and actual gaps in the work flow. When tracked, all of this data helps you understand employees’ behaviors and capabilities to design plans accordingly. For example- a highly talented designer who is unable to manage clients’ communication well can be easily shifted to the backend where he can fully work as per his potential without having to face clients much.An employee productivity tracking software will track the user activity in the backend and share metrics with you depending upon various factors such as time tracking, time spent on every website, the actual percentage of activity on every website. With WorkStatus, you can develop KPIs and metrics to track activities, identify gaps, develop action plans, and systematically address them.

Detect Severe Threats

An employee is a first-hand person who has all the access to the company’s sacred data. He can be a boon or curse for an organization that no organization can predict well in advance. Apart from employees, there are vendors, partners, and contractors that can together pose a severe threat to an organization. The crucial information can flow out of it through any of these means, intentionally or unintentionally, posing a significant threat to its being. The conflicts or dissatisfaction inside the organization are 48 times out of 100, the reason for crimes related to data. Another concerning factor is employees’ conflict with external factors, leading to data theft about 16 times. To overcome all these nightmares, it is essential to save your data in the safest places and control access to these documents. An employee monitoring software like WorkStatus lets you save your data and keeps track of employees’ activities with screenshots. So that you can keep track of what is happening in your organization and avoid possible chances of damage.

Employee Monitoring Challenges and How to Address Them

Privacy Concerns

Employee monitoring is still a big debate in the world. It has become a highly debatable and sensitive topic of discussion in recent times with the introduction of GDPR and other similar laws. Most laws around the States allow employee monitoring, but, many employees across find it as a hindrance in their privacy when being tracked. Organizations are making plans to apply employee tracking need to take into account what they intend to achieve and select an answer as a result. Not every place of job is ready for a complete-blown worker monitoring software. You may need to apply employee tracking to seize the most effective privileged consumer interest. Or maybe you just want to reveal your third party vendors. Another agency may want to leverage employee monitoring in specific departments such as a bank for their tellers simplest. You need to parent out the primary use case(s) and choose an answer that can be configured based totally on the need for your employer’s privacy and compliance necessities. For instance, with Teramind, you can set up a social media monitoring rule handiest for the Marketing branch while leaving it off for different personnel. Or, at the same time as tracking online hobby, an authority could routinely suspend monitoring and keystrokes logging while users go to their bank’s internet site or logs into their personal e-mail account.

Risk of Hampering Employee Morale

To mitigate fears, businesses should put into effect clean privacy and overall performance evaluation guidelines when hiring new personnel, behavior briefing sessions and educational seminars, employee privacy, and tracking practices, etc. On the software program degree, providers introduce device studying and AI to conduct context analysis and conduct-based comprehensive monitoring to cover human elements as part of the tracking system. WorkStatus, for instance, helps employees know all the time that they're being tracked or even select their logging hours and duties. Admin can purge the recording when no longer required. WorkStatus also lets personnel view their monitoring facts and activity logs and request redaction/elimination if they assume the information violates their privacy rights. All this transparency and control over the tracking manner can lessen the adverse outcomes of worker morale.

How to Choose the Best Employee Monitoring Software?




Value for Money:





Employee Monitoring Process & Guide

Step 1

Get Your Employees Familiarized

It is probably tempting (or even justifiable in some eventualities) to keep an eye on your employees without their information. However, many industries and corporations consider that informing employees of tracking will deter employees from committing malicious activities. You may likely get better results in case you are open about your monitoring purpose and keep your personnel on board from the beginning. Be open about your motives for the use of the software. The Santa Clara Valley Water District educated its personnel inside the bargaining devices on why tracking was being installed, how it'd be achieved, and how it'd affect employees. All of those issues have been discussed at various conferences over six months earlier than tracking started. The idea turned into to roll out the software program smoothly and decrease any fear and loathing.

Step 2


Every worker is answerable for making sure the safety of your infrastructure and information. Ensure you discuss protection regulations at onboarding and maintain those policies up-to-date. Consider requiring a yearly study and signing-off acknowledgment from all employees. Discuss the very real results of a breach and the way it influences personnel. On a micro-stage, breaches bring about lost work and purpose rework for the employees. At a macro-degree, breaches impact corporate popularity and profitability. Develop and share clean regulations about why and when tracking is getting used, and the way records are used. You may additionally want to speak about how monitoring can be used to shield corporate belongings and ensure the use of corporate-authorized software programs and avoid the use of prohibited software programs and websites.

Step 3

HR &
Legal Advices

As we discussed earlier, there might be legal and moral considerations to cope with before you begin using employee tracking software. Consult along with your HR and legal team and work on suggestions.

Step 4

Try the

The most appropriate way to look if a specific employee monitoring solution works for you is to try it first. Ask for a detailed product/demo from the seller. Better, if you could get a free trial. Some trial variations might have functional barriers set, however, others have full functionality enabled for some time. While comparing the trial/product/demo ensure to test out the integrated rules and regulations and the provision of out-of-the-box templates to have an experience of the software’s talents. Ask questions; vendors are commonly very forthcoming if they have the real self-assurance of their products.

Step 5

Set up clear

A robust employee tracking system will have a lot of settings. This might be overwhelming if you are at the usage of any such software programs for the first time. We recommend you start with the integrated regulations and try them out with a few test scenarios with volunteers. Once you have taken care of how things are painted, you can begin setting up new policies and regulations. Investigate the advanced features step by step and create new guidelines tailor-made for your corporation’s wishes. Do now not hesitate to experiment; you would possibly locate innovative methods to do things or maybe find out a new use for a function. Check out the software’s tutorials and documentation to research more as you move. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance if you are stuck.

Step 6

Ensure Proper

If you have a couple of admins managing the same domain, show them how to use the software and coordinate regulations and rule introduction. Train them on the way to view/use it. Record simulated test incidents and rule violation events using the consultation recording and playback capabilities to train personnel about cybersecurity and breach response satisfactory practices.

Ensure Better Employee Monitoring
with Easy to Adapt Tips

Here are some of the key tips that you should follow after you set up employee
time tracking and monitoring software to yield better results

Be More Responsible

Now that you’ve more visibility into your employee’s devices, make sure you do not intrigue in their personal lives. If ever you come across screenshots of their personal activities that are not harmful, do not publicly bring them up. Stalking is creepy. Talk to them about their activities and goals, and be more conscious about what you say.

Don’t Rush

Do not expect everyone to be on the same page in just a couple of days. Employee monitoring and tracking will require behavioral changes and time to adapt to the set norms. Be patient with your employees while you communicate with them about your goals.

Keep Evolving

Don’t just integrate and expect employees to abide by it. Continually evaluate your policies and renovate them, keeping in mind the best interests of management and employees. Make sure you’re evolving more professionally than creating unnecessary pressures.

Communicate with Your Employees

Use clear, simple messages when setting up customized warnings or notification in your monitoring software. Don’t use cryptic language or sound like a big-boss. Avoid unnecessary confrontation when possible. Sometimes, employees will make mistakes and trigger a policy violation. Explain what they did wrong and how to avoid such errors. If necessary, train or retrain them.

Frequently asked questions about employee monitoring.

Is it legal to monitor employee activities?

In most counties, employee tracking is legal with no regulations. However, there may be restrictions on what employee activities and to which extent you can track. Please seek advice from your legal advisors to ensure you enforce employee monitoring inside the legal and regulatory hints applicable to your organization and jurisdiction. WorkStatus is customizable with its tracking and recording functions to abide by the regulations.

How to use employee monitoring without hampering employees’ privacy?

Modern employee monitoring software is capable of taking pictures of all employee activities on all devices. While that is a boon for protecting organization information from insider threats, it can be difficult when implemented to the worker’s very own data. Especially with the creation of legal guidelines like GDPR, businesses deploying employee tracking software have to achieve this without shooting personnel’s personal statistics and exposing themselves to privacy violations.

How to track employees’ computer activity?

Using employee monitoring software from WorkStatus, all user activities can be monitored and recorded in actual-time. Action can be seen in real-time or history, which includes the whole thing performed on computer systems and servers. Smart regulations and automated signals can be utilized to inform you of user violations without delay and take a diffusion of movements along with blocking the motion, block the user, lock the user out, request control authorization, and so forth.

How can I measure employee productivity?

Through WorkStatus’ comprehensive dashboards and worker analytics, employers are given invaluable perception into productiveness and day by day workloads. Custom suggestions may be set to decide what personnel spend a maximum of their time doing, together with what applications are getting used, how many emails are being sent, what styles of web sites are being visited, and plenty extra. Teramind presents the power to assess whole departments or unmarried employees on-demand, with intensive information to assist make informed decisions approximately your staff.

Who are insider threats and how can I protect against them?

Insider threats come from people with crucial knowledge of an enterprise's internal affairs, consisting of current and previous employees, contractors, providers, or buddies. Insider threats deliver devious intentions, weather leaking critical information to the general public or competitors, or threatening safety through exposing touchy statistics. The high-quality way to reveal and prevent insider threats is by identifying malicious purposes before movement is taken. WorkStatus keeps you updated, permitting you to detect potential threat employees first, rather than permitting them to emerge as a critical issue. The software program also permits you to restrict actions that would be tied to insider threats, as well as evaluate recordings for in-depth investigations into ability protection risks.

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